February 11, 2021

Ethereal Ana

Insta Buddies

One of the greatest things about Instagram is meeting like minded folk and creating together. Ana is the most beautiful soul. Hailing all the way from Croatia, she has made Dublin her home. We connected on Instagram through our mutual love of photography and all things whimsical. Having never met in person before Ana got a taxi to Mill Lane on a dark rainy morning, before sunrise. I am certain she said a little prayer on the journey hoping I wasn't really a serial killer! We were worried the rain was going to ruin things but luckily it passed quickly. We walked the legs off ourselves visiting all my favourite little spots to shoot. While heading up the hill and trying to capture Ana twirling the four ponies in the field decided to head straight for us at speed. One of them I don't know that well and it is quite unruly. The practically chased us up the hill (not a pretty sight) with me waving and shooing them off. You could say I was a little out of breath! At times the weather did things that made us squeal with delight, two excitable light chasers. There was a moment when the sun broke through the trees in the Church Yard while droplets and steam filled the branches, it was so beautiful. Later on we were treated to a beautiful mist on the grounds we call the 'Stewarts Pitch' and the light that came through The Beech tree was spectacular. All in all a morning to remember for many years to come.