February 22, 2021

Top Hat Tea Party

Top Hat

The weather had been so cold and miserable there has been no chance to get outdoors and shoot. So I asked Lyra if she would like to do a little indoor mini session while we were at my Mother's house. She was game, I may have had to pay for her time in Robux, but that's only fair right? I had just acquired this new Top Hat from Fable Heart and I couldn't wait to take some photos with it. When I was a kid we used to have two old battered top hats among the dress up clothes and I loved them. My Mam has no shortage of bric-a-brac and I was delighted how well her tall green vase with its pink flower fitted in with the look I was going for. I got the beautiful pink flask for Christmas from Bell Meadow Living. I filled it with hot water for the shoot and it was still piping hours later!