January 11, 2019

Unexpected Visit

Wild Horses

The WHP or Weekend Hashtag Project on Instagram was a weekly competition whereby Instagram would set a prompt on a Friday evening and thousands across the world would interpret it through photography and upload it over the weekend. It was a wonderful way to connect with other photographers and inspired many people to get out and create something, including me. It was always fun to see who would be chosen to have their image shared on Instagram's own page during the week that followed. It was so exciting when an Insta buddy of mine was featured. This series of photos was inspired by the hashtag #WHPunexpected. It was some fun lugging this chair and lamp stand across the fields to capture Lyra sitting peacefully on them. Beauty (the name Lyra gave this foal) is by nature very curious. So needless to say she was all over us as soon as we arrived. From nibbling the back to the chair to actually placing a foot up on it (you can see this on my IGTV!) Beauty ensured that this was a shoot to remember.